Vote for Me!

As most of you know, I had a show back in June with a company that helps promote new independent artists called RAW Artists. Recently, they got in touch with me and they were discussing they would be hosting an awards show at the end of the year! I am not up for an award but I can be with your help!

Here are the details: 

Starting Tuesday(Oct 1st), Voting opens for all of the artists. If I get enough votes, I will be nominated for my category. Once nominated, three local judges will decide from the nominees who will represent their city. From there, a national set of judges look over the picks and decide who will be "Artist of the Year" in their category. 

You can vote for me here:

Voting ends Oct 8th. You can only vote once per day.

Thanks for your help. VOTE FOR ME! 




Follow me!

Slowly but surely, I'm getting on board the social media bandwagon. On top of a Facebook and Instagram account, I just started up a Twitter. I will have occasional updates about new content, gallery shows, and news, but I will also put up other random nonsense. 

Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Facebook. 

Twitter: @cmarephoto

Instagram: @cmarephoto

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Happy Stalking! 


New Digs...

Hey guys! 

Welcome to the new site! For a long time, I've been wanting a spot to present my work properly. As much as I do appreciate the kickstart the social media platforms have given me, it is time to have an official home base. This will mostly serve as my portfolio but any updates will be posted as well. 

Have a look around and enjoy!